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Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are built on algorithms creating echo chambers that fuel divisions - making people become addicts that crave screen time. Therefore VERO was created – an ad-free, algorithm free social network, which describes itself as  “optimized for connection, not addiction, putting you in total control.”

The brief was to come up with an idea that would get people to sign up for VERO while making them think differently about their social networking habits. Studies show that scrolling through Social Media increases dopamine levels in the brain, which lead to SoMeth - a PR-driven stunt that makes it crystal clear; we’re all addicts!


2021 The One Show / Young Ones - Bronze Cube


To launch the campaign we did a stunt by creating the legal drug SoMeth, containing the same amount of dopamine as one day of using Social Media makes you release.

When signing up to VERO, Social Media addicts will get a free subscription by sending in their Screen Time reports. To prevent relapse.

The press would write stuff. Like this. 

People in recovery would too. Like this.